Thermorelax is based on the therapeutic properties of HEAT THERAPY.

HEAT THERAPY Heat therapy is a therapeutic method used since the days of old as a remedy to improve the blood flow and consequently the flow of oxygen to muscle groups, and to reduce stiffness in joints.THERMORELAX FIGHTS PAIN WITH HEAT In acute and chronic pain conditions, ThermoRelax can relieve pain, releasing heat and relaxing areas affected by pain caused by fatigue, muscle tension, sprains, stretched muscles and sore joints.
It can be used whenever relief from prolonged pain is needed.


The device Once the packaging has been opened and come into contact with the air, it will reach its maximum temperature within 30 minutes, maintaining constant heat for up to 10 hours.
After being positioned on the specific area or under clothing, it is ready for use in just 3 minutes.The Bandage Strip ThermoRelax bandage strips are made in soft fabric, easy to wear and comfortable under clothing. They can be reused as many times as you like thanks to the special recharge devices sold separately.

thermorelax pain treatment


  • Fight pain without medication

  • It offers targeted action against muscle and joint pain

  • It is easy to use and wear

  • It is a long-lasting continuous treatment