Self-Heating Adhesive Therapeutic Multi-Purpose Band-Aid Device

thermorelax cerotto

Package includes:
3 self-heating band-aids with adhesive.
The device maintains heat for up to 12 hours.

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The multi-purpose band-aid is simple to use, thanks to the practical zinc oxide adhesive that leaves no residue and allows easy repositioning.
Thanks to its flexible shape, it can be positioned where most needed, and once worn guarantees long-lasting heat for up to 12 hours.
Personal well-being all day long.
Long-lasting relaxation and relief.
Once applied in the affected area, the heat is continuously distributed, deeply and evenly.
One size fits all.

Open the packaging immediately before use and extract the device.
Wait a few minutes, holding it in your hand to allow the thermal reaction to begin.

Position the device in the painful area, making sure movement is comfortable and easy.
The device will reach its maximum temperature in approximately 30 minutes.
When the heat can no longer be felt, remove the product.

All ThermoRelax components are natural.
ThermoRelax contains no pharmaceuticals.

ThermoRelax Self-Heating Adhesive Therapeutic Device for Shoulder Back Pain is a CE1370 medical device

Dispositivo Terapeutico Adesivo Autoriscaldante Per Dolori Mestruali