Neck Band/Shoulder Band + 4 Self Heating Device

thermorelax dolore collo e spalle

The package contains
1 Neck/Shoulder Band
4 Self Heating Therapeutic Devicesto be inserted in the related band for four treatments
Constant heat up to 10 hours

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The self heating devices are designed to be inserted into the pocket of the special band. When the package is opened, due to a thermal reaction, the device will start getting warm in contact with the air, gradually increasing its temperature. After having inserted the pad into the pocket and applied the special band to a part of the body, heat will spread deeply and constantly.

Open the package immediately before use and pull out the pad. Wait some minutes holding the pad in your hand to allow the thermal reaction. Insert the bag into the special pocket of the band, allowing comfortable, free movement. The maximum temperature will be reached within about 30 minutes. When heat ceases, remove the product.

All the ingredients are natural.
ThermoRelax does not contain any drug.

ThermoRelax is a medical device CE1370

Neck Band/Shoulder Band + 4 Self Heating Device