Colpo della strega - sintomi e cure It is generally best to remain in the position that triggered the pain, as sudden movements may aggravate any muscular contractions.

Rest is initially the most effective therapy:

this however should not go on for more than 24/48 hours so as not to weaken the muscles.
Acute pain caused by lumbago is normally resolved within 2-3 days, although complete recovery may take a week or more.
During this time, it is recommended to avoid physical exertion and make slow movements, without any sudden twisting.


And once the acute phase passes?

Once the acute phase has passed, the pain (if not excessive) can be treated with natural remedies, such as essential oils (camomile, rosemary and lavender), which contain active ingredients and have an anti-inflammatory action.
Heat therapy and exercises to lengthen and heat the muscles are also extremely useful.
If the pain is particularly intense, we recommend seeking expert medical advice from an osteopath.

Note: the above suggestions and recommendations do not replace medical advice.